The Imposter

Written by Laura Bower
Illustrated by Kerisa Greene

There is one thing Olive loves more than anything in the world. Mr. Snuggles. Adorable, reliable, perfect Mr. Snuggles. So when Olive loses him, her whole world turns upside down. Mr. Snuggles mysteriously turns up one day and Olive couldn’t be more excited. But… wait. He looks a little too clean, a little too fluffy, and a little too new. Will Olive find the real Mr. Snuggles or will she be stuck with this imposter forever?

THE IMPOSTER explores the universal themes of friendship and the strong bond children have with their loveys. I wrote this story based on the roller coaster of emotion my own children have had when they lost (and found) their loveys (Puppy, Petunia and Nedburt).

THE IMPOSTER is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at your local bookstore.